Dip Hom
S.A.C Dip Ref
Reiki Master/Teacher
C.M.A. Registered

I am a qualified Homoeopath, Reflexologist and Reiki Master/Teacher. Although I now concentrate on Reflexology and Reiki, at a consultation you get a combination of my 20 years experience in Complementary Health.

I am experienced at giving advice on Vitamins, Minerals, Flower remedies and Tissue Salts. This means is that during the course of a consultation it may become clear that you would benefit from a Tissue Salt, Homoeopathic remedy, or that certain vitamins or minerals could speed up recovery.  I have found this combination of therapies to be extremely beneficial with the people I treat.

To give some examples of this:

  • When treating someone for anxiety problems and associated insomnia often the addition of the tissue salt Kali Phos 6x speeds up the recovery time.
  • When treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome the addition of a strong Probiotic can help settle the bowel and speed recovery.

Both Reflexology and Reiki are carried out with a background of relaxing music, if desired and both therapies last for a full hour.

​I have a clinic room at the little health clinic, Paignton, Devon.  It is in the centre of town near both bus and train stations with car parks nearby.

​Both Reflexology and Reiki are extremely relaxing treatments and the additional health advice means you will get the best possible result.