WHAT IS KALI PHOS? Kali Phos is a Tissue Salt, also known as Potassium Phosphate. It is an amazing tissue salt that I use in my practice on a very regular basis. I see so many people suffering from the effects of stress these days and apart from Reflexology, which can soothe the nervous system […]

Hay Fever

I decided to write about Hay fever this week, as we are about to enter the ‘sneezing season’.   WHAT IS HAY FEVER Hay Fever or Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis as it is also known, is an allergic reaction to pollen.  To explain that in a little more detail, pollen is a fine powder released by […]

Tissue Salts

Inorganic Mineral Salts Dr Schuessler, an eminent 19th century German Physician discovered that our body’s contain 12 inorganic mineral salts (Tissue Salts), that are required for optimum health. He named this system of medicine biochemistry (the chemistry of life). These essential mineral salts should be present in our food when grown organically in mineral rich […]