Sleep is as essential to us as food, air and water. Sometime in your life you may have difficulty sleeping – many people do. Anyone can suffer from insomnia, although sleeping problems are more common among women (especially menopausal), the ill, the elderly, smokers, and alcoholics. Sleep problems are, however, surprisingly common among young people. While it is not an illness and is in no way life-threatening, insomnia can be very distressing, frustrating, exhausting, depressing and at worst it can make you feel like you’re going crazy.

Both Reflexology and Reiki are good therapies to help with Insomnia.  I tend to start with Reflexology as there are usually areas (reflex points) on the feet that show where the problem is coming from.  The adrenal gland reflexes are often swollen or feel gritty to the touch, or the area we call the nerve switchboard is tight.

Working on these areas calms the whole body. There is also a dedicated insomnia point on the base of the feet, which is often very noticeable when treating sleeplessness.

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